Site Map

On the interactive map of the World (Google map) are colored “drops” in the visited states and territories.
The green drops indicate states, after clicking (click the name that appears)” you will reach the respective state.
Red drops indicate countries with itineraries on the map.
Yellow drops indicate territories which are not states but have a certain autonomy.

Site Options:
The top bar is on all pages of the site
– Go back to Home page via “Home”.“>.
– List of…
— Travelers Club – Overview of Countries and Territories
— List of trips
– changing the language of Czech / English

Sidebar serves for quick selection (last trip, search for state or territory, continents, Excerpt from the diary, trips organize by years)
You can use “Show More Posts” for countries or territories in one Continent.

The ORIGINAL WEB is the transferee of Google-web-based maps. Most of countries in the Original Web are added by a large selection of travel photos (which of them you can find in the list of Travelers Club – top bar) . Years with photos are yellow.

Itineraries of individual routes are sorted in countries, territories by years.
Excerpts from the diary, if any, describe the individual event.